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Street Fighter IV Arcade Fighting Stick (PS3)(New)

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Manufacturer: Various
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Specialized for the PS3, PS2 and PC. This stick is a strong and robust game accessory designed for any Arcade game Fans who wants to take their skills to the next level.

The Combat-king Pro Fighting joystick has an aluminium alloy base, rugged Steel stick and high quality FOUR Micro-switches that can withstand the aggressive, fast paced classics like Street Fighter and Tekken. Armed with 8 natural arcade action button layout, pulling off the high scoring combos and special moves is a breeze.

If you're the hardcore gamer who needs the real arcade feel gaming in your life, then the Arcade Pro joystick is the controller for you.

Plug 'n' play on ps3, ps2 and PC.

Featuring four high quality micro-switches and a full 8 directional stick.

Japanese-style stick and uber-sensitive buttons.

Official arcade machine button layout.

2m Wired Cable with USB and ps2 plugs.

Compatible with almost all fighting games and "Arcade Machine Emulator" software, such as MAME.

Publisher: Various
Developer: Various
Platform: PlayStation 3
Release Date: Unknown
Genre: Arcade Fighting Stick / Controller
Rated: Everyone (3+)
Players: 1

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